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Case Study: Tim McFerrin / Myers-Aubrey Co.

above ground storm shelter

Here at Tornado Place, we pay attention to every detail surrounding our shelters. The design of the shelter focuses on structural stability and user safety. This ensures that the shelter will weather any storm and that the folks inside the shelter are comfortable and do not become trapped. The manufacturing and installation process is handled strictly by professionals with a great understanding of proper construction techniques so that your shelter is efficiently anchored and is aesthetically pleasing after installation. With all the time we spend tending to the smallest of details, it is great to receive feedback from clients that appreciate our work ethic and flexible installation options.

Check out the following case study from a happy customer:

I thought I would drop you a quick note concerning our Safe Room you installed at our new Myers-Aubrey Co. HQ’s…
When we met last year at the Tulsa Home and Garden Show you presented me with an option for a safe room in my home that I did not know existed. Your design allowed me to use an existing interior closet in my home for the location and I did not have to move any walls or make any major structural changes to my home. It also allowed me to put it where I wanted versus out in the garage (which really was my only option with other prefab designs). This not only made me happy but certainly my wife!
When it came time for Myers-Aubrey to build our new Head Quarters in Broken Arrow we knew we wanted a Safe Room for our employees. It was a very easy decision to get you to do this work based upon my experience at home. While we could have easily gone with a Prefab design since it was new construction I decided to use your design because of the flexibility it offers. We sized the Safe Room in accordance with the space we had and it all worked great. We had the room installed before the walls went up and it was easy from there.
I know I speak for my employees in that we all feel better knowing that we have a very secure and safe place to go in the event of a Tornado. When we give tours of our new office I can tell you that the Safe Room is always shown. Visitors are certainly impressed with the design and quality of the installation.
Thanks again for all your help and good luck in the future.
Tim McFerrin President Myers-Aubrey Co. Office: 918.622.3501

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