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Our doors swing in for safety. There have been instances where people survived the storm but debris lodged in front of the door trapped those inside. 


At TORNADO PLACE, safe rooms have doors that swing in so nothing can block the door shut. Our vault-like doors have 3 separate 1″ solid steel bolts to secure the door.  In addition to these 3 locks we also include a strong deadbolt lock so you have added security.


Narrower Panels means more strength. Our narrow, 16″ plate steel panels create an incredibly strong safe room. Where each 3/16″ panel is bolted together creates a 3/8″ steel I-beam ribcage for unmatched strength. Safe rooms with 20″ to 24″ spacing are not as strong or as safe.

narrower panels.jpg
Bolt spacing.jpg



We use a LOT of bolts. To make our TORNADO PLACE  safe rooms the strongest, we space our bolts only 8″ apart.  That’s the closest in the industry. We understand the forces created by a large tornado and want to make your safe room the strongest possible.

3/16" Plate steel

All our wall panels are constructed with 3/16″ plate steel.  This was tested at the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University.  There they use a cannon to fire debris that is similar to what happens during an EF5 tornado.  Our TORNADO PLACE safe rooms exceeded the standards.


All TORNADO PLACE shelters are designed for structural integrity to save lives. Our panelized design allows the flexibility to build and fit numerous sizes to fit most family’s needs. And when you move, you can take it with you.

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