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Safe Rooms Tulsa | The Feeling of True Security

Safe Rooms Tulsa | The Feeling of True Security

This content was written for Tornado Place.

Tornado place storm shelters is the absolute best around if you're looking for the safe rooms Tulsa has to show you. Not just tall Caesar tornado play services at a wide variety of areas, Helping people all over the heartland to enjoy the feeling of true security. The true feeling of security is one that cannot be replaced if he you are a person who is responsible for other human beings, If you're a father, if you're a husband, if you Live in a home and the home is in tornado Alley, if you don't have a safe roomy you will never understand the feeling of true security that I've talking about right now.

During the hot late days of May In 2011 there were nine precious human beings that lost their lives and 181 fragile souls that were wounded or injured in Canadian, Kingfisher, Logan Counties of Oklahoma and did unknown wreckage and financial damage to the area. Just think of the wreckage that was done by a shoe among guess giant ripping cloud that lifts up houses and flings them across valleys can do if you don't have proper protection like a safe room built custom by tornado Place. You should think about getting one if you don't have want to protect you and your family.

The beauty of the modular storm shelter that you will find if you go to and click on the models and pricing tab up top is that it is so versatile. When it comes to safe rooms Tulsa, this bad boy is the absolute top notch kingpin. It has a flexible design and can be configured in a variety of different desirable sizes. It has more ribs and can withstand much more structural damage as a result. It is also Full of bolts the tighter bolt spacing aspect of the tornado play storm shelter adds to the monumental strengthening capacity of the extra rib design. It's also important to mention that the inward swinging door keeps you safe and allows you to be able to exit your safe room number matter what happens outside of it.

If you back to really get a hold of a feeling that we'll give you some true security can go read the letter to the owner of tornado place after you have purchased your brand-new custom modular safe room. The letter talks about the impact tests that were conducted on August 2 half 2013 the resistance for the safe rooms his company produces is and meets the qualified standard for the debris impact guidelines of FEMA 320/361 and ICC- 500 that requires impacts by a 15 pound wood 2" x 4" propelled 100 mph which is equivalent to that projectile propelled horizontally by a 250 mph ground speed tornado.

All tests were compliant with FEMA 320/361 2008 guidelines and ICC- 502,008 guidelines. Need this to say it is very good to know that any a five tornado can sweep through your home and not take you and your family with it as long as you have a modular customizable safe room built in your home perhaps you're stairway to keep you and your family safe from these winds of disaster. If you don't have one of these safe rooms you're going to want to go to or pick up the phone and dial 918-863-8989 and talk to the customer service team at tornado place about getting you and your family set up with a safe and secure place to go during an emergency. They truly have the best safe rooms Tulsa has to offer.

Safe Rooms Tulsa | Windstorms, Hailstorms, and Bad Guys

This content was written for Tornado Place.

All inclement weather is inconvenient, but safe rooms Tulsa has to offer can keep you and your family secure in their event of an uprising by mother nature. With convenient installation locations, easy scheduling and installation, Modular design and customizable options, tornado place is storm shelters is the best option for a safe room. Head on over to their website at and give them a call at 918-863-8989 today. The company builds with a variety of different configurations, Has then awarded multiple certifications and safety ratings, and has a ex like customer service, What waiting for give them a try today.

Back in 1955 on May 25 around 2126 military time. The main affected counties were K County and Sumner County. There was an estimated damage of $5 million-$50 million. This tornado was a major problem for the people who are living in Kansas and Oklahoma and K county and in Sumner County. I mean they were probably dealing with trees, trucks, all kinds of bad debris flying through the walls of their house in danger and their families and cute little pets. There's absolutely no way they could have escaped and survived such a situation unless they had a safe room when it comes to the safe rooms Tulsa has to offer tornado Place and storm shelters and builds the absolute best.

We know that there have been a ton of tornadoes to rough out of nowhere in a very short period of time before. If you're looking for safe rooms Tulsa to keep you safe from these crazy ructions of fervor as tornadoes whipping in and out of your neighborhoods and trailer parks then fear no more because tornado place has modular safe rooms for you and your family. At one point in time there were almost 800 tornadoes between the beginning of April and the end of April in two thousand eleven2011. Before that it was 540 in the month of May back in 2003. These numbers are pretty astounding. Let's take a second and think about this. You're telling me that in one month there could be over 600 tornadoes? Wow. I need a safe room and immediately.

Especially if I don't have one. Luckily for me I can go to and check out their mobile friendly website with a rock star design that is simply world-class. I could also pick up the phone and dial their customer service team at 918-863-8989 to talk about getting my safe room installation scheduled today.

The great thing about tornado Place is that they all for a fully customizable product. They make a modular safe room that is fully capable of being optimized as a gun safe, or a storm shelter, or a safe room from intruders. It's important that we take note of the Giffords Law Center research and be aware that the risk of dying from an unintentional gunshot injury is 3.7 times higher for adults living in homes with guns, with hand guns in the home posing a particular threat. This gives you great reason to have a modular gun safe installed into any nothing crane in your home that you deemed worthy for such a pleasant little safety treat and household safety feature. Make sure that you check out the tornado place website to see the options they have for customization and give them a call at 918-863-8989 and talk about all the different possibilities for a custom gun safe. We know the inconvenient and terrible inclement weather is bound to happen to us and that having a safe room is the absolute best way to protect ourselves and our families.

We know from the 1955 tornado in Sumner County that some really bad things can happen to people who do not have a safe from protecting their family so when it comes to safe rooms Tulsa has available to offer there is no better option then the tornado place storm shelter and customizable modular gun safes and safe rooms. The folks over at tornado place know how to completely transform nooks, crannies, and under stairways e into a knock or your firearms. Don't wait around, pick up the phone and dialed 918-863-8989 and talk to a professional over a tornado place about scheduling an installation for a premium customizable modular safe room or gun safe.

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