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Safe Rooms Tulsa | Can Avoiding Tragedy Really Be So Simple?

Safe Rooms Tulsa | Can Avoiding Tragedy Really Be So Simple?

This content was written for Tornado Place.

If you do not currently own a safe room then you have probably found yourself wondering during a major thunderstorm where you might go if a tornado came about. If you do not currently own the safe room then you have probably found yourself wondering during a major thunderstorm where you might go if a tornado spun up out of nowhere. If you live in the Bible belt like the owner of Tornado Pl., Charlie will say then you know that safe rooms Tulsa has to offer cannot compare to what you can get at tornado Place storm shelters.

It really can be as simple as investing in a safe place for your family to go if disaster strikes. Pick up the phone and down 918-863-8989 or head on over 26907 E. 14th St. And talk with an installation professional today about getting a custom designed and built safe room for your home. You will not regret the security that this can bring to your family. It is the simplest way to avoid tragedy.

The goal of tornado Place storm shelters is to provide the best safe rooms Tulsa has to offer. When we say the strongest in the industry we mean that they really are the strongest in the industry. In comparison to other options out there, You'll find on the website all of the specifications that this safe roommates, but at the end of the day these things are just overbilled by almost everybody standards. What this does for you and your family is in sure's that in the event of an emergency you will be safe. It provides that all too coveted peace of mind.

There are a whole bunch of happy customers of a tornado place. Those that have purchased these safe rooms Tulsa has to offer Will never purchase another safe room from anyone else. This is because they're the strongest and the industry. This is also because the owner Charlie Willsey really cares only about peoples safety and protecting them from the worst that mother nature has to offer. It's just not worth the risk to not have a safe room. Most of the clients of tornado Place storm shelters would agree that it was well worth the investment to have the peace of mind. It is really like a insurance policy for your entire family. The best part about this insurance policy is that once you pay for it you never have to pay for it again. Unlike insurance companies where you continue to pay forever.

Support dementia that there are a lots of really great features about the tornado Place storm shelter.

At tornado place they know that it is not always a neat and tidy situation after a tornado rolls through the neighborhood. Because they're aware that a lot of times there is a massive amounts of debris and tons of possibilities for cars, trees, above ground swimming pools, trampolines, Neighbors houses, entire trailer parks, and pretty much anything else that a tornado my pick up and throw across the land could be leaning up against your safe room after the storm dust settles. This is important only because you need to be able to get out of the safe room after the storm is over. This is why the geniuses at tornado Place have incorporated an inward swinging door with multiple deadbolt locks and several additional security bolts. Once the whole thing is over you can remove the bolts pull the deadbolts and open-door inwardly. This will allow you to dig yourself out and keep you and your family from being trapped inside of a giant secure metal box.

Avoiding tragedy is really not complicated. You can avoid treasury simply by having a safe room if a tornado roll through. That is the whole goal and purpose of tornado plays storm shelters. They want to provide the best safe rooms Tulsa has to offer to everyone in America. So if you have not already head on over to or pick up the phone and dial 918-863-8989 so that you can get on top of scheduling your safe room installation today. You cannot go wrong with the strongest build safe rooms in the industry. You cannot go wrong when they are modular and can be designed to fit anywhere in your home. They are simply the best and you should go nowhere else.

Safe Rooms Tulsa | Educating US Businesses About Safe Sheltering

This content was written for Tornado Place.

The owner of tornado Place is also the founder. Charlie Wilsey is an incredible person. He is the driving force behind tornado Place storm shelters the best place for safe rooms Tulsa house to offer. This company is located in Tulsa Oklahoma, the center of the universe, and and he found at 6907 E. 14th St.. Give them a call at 918-863-8989 if you are interested in taking your storm shelter knowledge or physical reality into a whole Nother level of awesome. Tornado Place is in a league of its own. Head on over to their to learn all about the amazing Charlie Wilsey and his proven and tested storm shelters.

First off, you might be asking are the shelters aboveground or are they below ground shelters. If you're asking that question let me just lay it out simple here. These are aboveground shelters and they work. We can prove that they work. We have tested them in factories with scientists. So the truth is out above ground shelters work. So there's really no need to go burying a shelter in most cases the Tornado Place customers are part of the above ground masses and believe the results of his rigorous and proven testing. We all know that it is a very bad idea to go drop sitting around outside in a thunderstorm much less a tornado or a hurricane or really anything that's not a nice sunny day or some light drizzle.. That would not be too cool when you are old and don't want to have to go down the steps every single time you have an emergency and need shelter. If you build your shelter above ground that is never a problem. A lot of shelters that are built under the ground at some point or another and up leaking and flooding. Is just a part of it.

It seems like a lot of people have also been trapped in the underground versions of the safe room a lot more often. But we know that water and gasoline and oils will always flow to the lowest possible point. Because of this having a storm shelter below ground could also be bad if any of those things were spilled over overflowed the entrance. His are all important things to think about when you're considering the safety of an entire family. These are important things to think about if you are considering your own safety! It's important to mention that if you're looking for safe rooms Tulsa has an amazing company called's tornado Place storm shelters and they can provide you with shelters that are movable and shelters that will be custom built specifically for your home.

The next time you happen to hear the tornado sirens as you're walking out to the trashcan with a couple of bags of fast food you won't have to completely freak out if you know that you have a custom built structure in your house that has been tested and actually certified to withstand the forces of an EF five tornado. This will give you a level of peace that you didn't realize as possible going to read about the benefits and features of these awesome safe rooms on the tornado Place website. This website is also a treasure trove of awesome information about keeping your family safe in the event of emergency. Don't allow yourself to be caught up in all the hype stick with tornado p stick with tornado place.

The safe rooms at tornado Place are all certified. We know that they can withstand anything that mother nature can throw at them. This is why they are a good investment we know that they're a good investment when they can keep your family safe predictably and reliably. That is what the proven systems at tornado Place have been producing for years. Charlie Wilsey brings 30 years of experience and knowledge to this company and it shows. So don't waste anymore time to go ahead and give them a call and schedule an installation as soon as possible.

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