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Safe Rooms Tulsa | Sneaky Under Stairway Safe Rooms

Safe Rooms Tulsa | Sneaky Under Stairway Safe Rooms

This content was written for Tornado Place.

Wouldn't it be really cool to have a nice sneaky little getaway underneath your stairway? Well when it comes to safe rooms Tulsa, tornado Place storm shelters provides the absolute highest quality under's stairway safe rooms possible. If you're interested in getting one of these safe rooms you can email us at info at tornado or you can stop by 6907 E. 14th St., Tulsa, OK 74112 and take a look at some of the storm shelters in person. You can even see pictures of these farewell safe rooms on the website if you go to It is a beautiful website images mobile friendly.

It happened fast on a late May Day, May 25 to be exact. The year was 1955 when a giant F5 tornado erupted from the skies and murdered 80 people and went on to wound another 273 souls that day. There was a half million dollar's worth of damage at least and countless lives ruined. Problem with these tornadoes were that they've ruined the lives, They hurt peoples feelings, they really just rained on everybody's parade. Tornadoes that come out of nowhere are no fun so get yourself a storm shelter from tornado Place and get the best safe rooms Tulsa has to offer.

Most tornadoes are going to have nothing on the awesome understand airway safer. The under stairways safe room is going to a stand pretty much anything any size tornado can throw at it. But there is the interesting case of the water tornado. Some tornadoes because tornadoes have the fastest wins of any phenomenon on earth, Can be so rapid and their rotation that they form a visible funnel of condensed water when they Passover a body of water. Isn't that crazy?! I mean for real a tornado full of water barreling towards you? We still think you'll be a okay in a tornado place storm shelter.

According to the National Rifle Association and other sources there are several really important points when I comes to gun safety. These points are to always keep the weapon directed in a safe way whether it is loaded or it is not loaded. Another is to also keep your finger off the trigger until the gum is ready to shoot. Another is to always keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to shoot. What does all this have to do with anything? Well there are rules of storing your guns too and let's just put it this way, If you don't store your guns correctly you may come to regret it. So pick up the phone and I'll 918-863-8989 and talk about getting a customizable modular gun safe and installed in your home possibly under your stairwell to make sure that all of your guns are kept away from the wrong people.

Under the stairs is of course a really great place to go ahead and install a safe room, storm shelter or a gun safe. You can store a whole lot of guns under the stairway, but you can also keep your family safe from an F5 tornado. That type of safe room is rare and when it comes to safe rooms Tulsa has to offer it is truly one of the most top-of-the-line and premium options. It's so great because they don't have to tear your whole house apart they can bring it in and modular pieces and it is quick, painless, and provides endless safety and enjoyment for the whole family. If you're not commence check out to get schooled on anything and everything safe rooms Tulsa.

Safe Rooms Tulsa | Hide from Giant Tornados with Glee

This content was written for Tornado Place.

Safe rooms Tulsa is what you will be looking for if a giant tornado decides to blow through unannounced. If you have a tornado place storm shelter like the ones you can get at or by calling 918-863-8989 you will not be worried about the repercussions, because You will be in a safe tested in environment for your family to write out the storm. Tornado replace really is the best in the business because of their specific narrow were 16' plate steel panels combined with inward swinging doors and a whole lot of are what makes them so much better than the competition. Also the wall panels are constructed with a 3/16 inch plate steel. All of their safe rooms are modifiable and they can be used as a panic room or gun safe in addition to a storm shelter. Yes, we can make our storm shelters to fit in closets or under stairways. But if you need Under Bed And Bedside Gun Safe For Bedroom, there are some great options.

Around 5 PM p.m. in the afternoon back in 1960 on May 5 fifth in Oklahoma there were five people killed and 81 people injured in a terrible F5 tornado that attacked the Pottawattamie, Lincoln, Oak Fuskie, Creek counties of Oklahoma. It was an absolutely terrible tragedy and it was probably incredibly terrifying for those who were there. It was the 1960s so you know they didn't have the best warning. Can you imagine giant trees and semi trucks flying through your neighborhood taking out multiple neighbors at one time question mark it makes you wonder if they had safe rooms, Doesn't it?

Certain things we know to be true about tornadoes. Most tornadoes travel Miles before they pooped out. We also know that most tornadoes spend it in the cyclonic direction but some even spend an anti-cyclonic direction. We know that most tornadoes are actually clear until they pick up mud and debris from the environment. Tornados are sometimes called twisters but only 2% of all tornadoes are labeled as violent tornadoes that come last over an hour. It's advised that you should not open the windows during severe storms because it allows for dust and debris to enter the house and is usually a cause for death or severe injury in these directions by mother nature. If you are wondering about these safe rooms Tulsa has to offer, For when mother nature decides to rear her ugly head in the northeastern Oklahoma area, Then check out or pick up the phone and dial 918-863-8989 to talk about getting your modular storm shelter installation schedule today.

An interesting Gallup poll one 2007 to 2012 found from a sample of people the following levels of self declaration in gun ownership amongst different groups of individuals. Males saw a 45% range and gun ownership while females saw only a 15% range. Caucasian what's 33% and non-Caucasian Was 22% likely to own a firearm. Republicans were 38% independence for 31% and Democrats for 22%. That's interesting set of ranges to discover here in America either way what you've got is a high likelihood that a household is going to have a gun in it. A household that has a gun and it is a household that needs to have a secure place for the gun. Most people meaning 60% of the people discovered on 2013 Gallup poll own firearms because they want to protect against crime.

Gun ownership is downright scary and we know the guns need to be in safe places. There're a ton of guns and they're a ton of guns that should be kept in safe rooms Tulsa. I mean if you're living in Tulsa and your own guns and you don't have them stored in your safe room, Then you should call tornado place at 918 863-8989 and talk to them about getting one installed for the safety of your children and for the safety of your spouse and for your own personal safety. These installments will last forever and withstand the test of time and all that mother nature can throw at them. They're a worthy investment and they will allow you to hide from dry tornadoes with glee. You don't believe me head on over to and see for yourself.

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