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Here's why.

Our doors swing in for safety.  There have been instances where people survived the storm but debris lodged in front of the door trapped those inside. At TORNADO PLACE, safe rooms have doors that swing in so nothing can block the door shut.


Our narrow, 16″ plate steel panels create an incredibly strong safe room. Where these panels overlap they create a 3/8″ ribcage of strength. Structures with reinforcement of 20″ to 24″ spacing are not as strong or as safe.


We use a LOT of bolts.  To make our TORNADO PLACE safe rooms the strongest we space our bolts only 8″ apart.  That’s the closest in the industry.  We understand the forces created by a large tornado and want to make your safe room the strongest possible.

All our wall panels are constructed with 3/16″ plate steel.  This was tested at the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University.  There they use a cannon to fire debris that is similar to what happens during an EF5 tornado.  Our TORNADO PLACE safe rooms exceeded the standards.

safe rooms can be modified. Our team can return to your home and add panels to expand your safe room to better fit a family’s changing needs.  We unbolt the existing structure, add panels, then re-anchor the safe room to the foundation. This process means you can move your safe room when you move.


Our customers have found that not only can a TORNADO PLACE safe room be used to protect them from severe weather it has many other uses. With a keyed deadbolt on the outside, it can be used as a safe. Simply put your valuables inside and lock it when you go on vacation. Some are using it as a gun safe to protect their valuable firearms. We also remind families that if ever there was a need, you can go inside and lock the door from the inside and use as a 'panic room'.

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