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Safe Rooms Tulsa | Best in business. This content was written for tornado place We are the best in the business. We are the best because we offer storm shelters have complete steel panels. This creates strong safe rooms. When these panels overlap create a 3 x 8" rib cage strength. Also we use a lot of bolts. To make our tornado play safe rooms strong as we bolts on the 8 inch part. That is the closest street. No one is doing what we do. We understand what a tornado can do that make our safe rooms the strongest possible. Call 918863898 to start your installation of your new storm shelter. All of our savings can be modified. RT can return your home and panels to speed your sacred better fit your needs. We can add to the existing structure by adding panels. After adding the panels we then re-anchor the safe room to the foundation. This process means you can move your safe room when you move. Also a great thing about our storm shelters is our doors swing for safety. There have been instances where people survive the storm but debris has trapped in their storm shelter. At Tornado place, safe rooms Tulsa have doors that swing in lock the door shut. What could be better. Don't get trapped your storm shelter. We use a lot of bolts. To make our best in the business storm shelters the strongest bolts 8 inches apart. All of our opinions are constructed with 360 inch plate steel. This was tested national Institute at Texas Tech University. Their use to fire debris that would be similar to what happens during EF five tornado. Our tornado place, safe rooms Tulsa storm shelters exceed the standards. Call 918-863-8989 to get started on installing your very own storm shelter from tornado place. If you are at work and a severe storm hits you can use your corporate shelter. You won't have to worry about racing home to get to your shelter. With a tornado play storm shelter corporate shelter you and your staff can remain safe and worry free. Call 918863898 or stop by our showroom to see the many options to choose from. Data place is the best business. A custom-built for your home. Whether it's a different family or a different home will always be the same safety. Not all homes are like so are modular shelters are designed to work awry configurations. This will allow shelter to fit any space and fit your budget. We can visit your home for a free consultation to assess your needs and determine the best location for your shelter. Torino post install safe room in a closet, garage, and even a back patio. With our expected expertise will help you find the best location of your help. We measure speak to you about the best size that your family's needs. And if you need to change something we will come back and make the necessary changes. We can arrange a date and time that works with your schedule. Our professional crew will show up in the process of assembling building your shelter. They secure your safe room to the foundation. The entire process should only take about four hours tops. Once we're done installing your shelter our crew will clean up the area and demonstrate how to operate your safe room properly. Call 918-863-8989 to start the process today. Get a storm shelter from the best in the business. Tornado place is safe rooms Tulsa. There are numerous banks that offer 100% financing at very low rates. So call for current seasonal price. Again number is 918-863-8989. We would love to hear from you and build you a custom storm shelter.

Safe Rooms Tulsa | We Save Lives This content was written for Tornado Place Here at tornado place storm shelters we exist to save lives. They are safe rooms Tulsa storm shelters. Their goal as designers and installers is to build, design and install the state structures protect them. You can be sure they are storm shelters are tested and have passed with flying colors. Charlie Willsey, founder and CEO swears by it. He has a passion for construction and fabrication of various materials. And it shows every design, build and installation of storm shelter. So come on by or call 9188638989. Stay safe by calling the best. You will not regret it. The goal at tornado place storm shelters is complete 100% satisfaction with our service. It's even better about storm shelters from tornado place is a stairway storm shelter. They are inconspicuous. You won't even know it's there till you need it. You can install a storm shelter into your bedroom, bathroom, stairway, and garage. It is modular storm shelters. That you can put anywhere. Turning a place safe rooms Tulsa storm shelters have thicker steel. I thicker steel they use 316 inch plate steel. And there shelters are overbuilt prayer safety. They also have inward swinging doors. You can rest easy you will be able to see without the trapped by debris. Also they use above and beyond the normal number of bolts. It includes tighter bolt spacing to add strength. This kind of installation is because at tornado place we save lives. More features instructional offer is flexible design. Their shelters can be custom fitted to your desired size and configuration. Also they have more ribs. This is narrowerer panels that make your safe room structurally stronger. And finally they are multifunctional. You don't have to use just as a storm shelter. You can use it as a group, storage, or a gun safe. When a tornado is not around your storm shelter can be a storage area for all your valuables. So call 928 6388 started on installing your very own tornado place safe rooms Tulsa storm shelter. Tornado place is proud to have a design we say when you don't think you have a deal interior. That's where a stairway storm shelter. With tornado places stairway storm shelter you can make what otherwise you space, a transforming to a safe place during severe weather or a home invasaion. And best of all the storm shelter your entire family. Go to their website www.tornado. To see photos of recent installs and read testimonials of satisfied customers. Call 91886389894 seasonal pricing. Or email at Turning a place safe rooms Tulsa are located at 6907 E. Court St., Tulsa, OK. You can call. Email. Or stop by and would love to hear from you. Tornado place pay attention to every detail surrounding their amazing shelters. The design of the shelter focuses on structural stability user safety. Many believe that a shelter needs to be outside below ground. But that is not true. Place storm shelters give you portable above ground shelter. They can even add storm shelter to an already interior closet. Really make it easier on you and your family knowing that you just have to hope closet door. You will certainly be impressed with the quality of the turning up a storm shelters. So call 918-8638 to get started today. The design of safe rooms Tulsa tornado place storm shelters, they focus on stability and safety. They can ensure that any severe storm that the people inside the shelter will be comfortable not be trapped by debris. The installation process is handled by professionals with a great understanding proper construction techniques so that your shelter is anchored. Would love to get feedback and great testimonials how their work ethic flexible installation options have made your life so much easier. So call 91886389 or drop in and tell them you want a great, stable and safe storm shelter from tornado place. It will be the best purchase you make. When you purchase from tornado place you get the safest shelter in the country. Here at tornado place we save lives.

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